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  1. VW Beetle Vent Window Accessories

    VW Beetle Vent Window Accessories
    GHE Happich, Perohaus and Volkswagen produced a few nice accessories for the VW Beetle vent window. The VW Beetle vent window REGUS Rainguard Accessory from GHE shown at the first picture protects the driver and front passenger with vent wing window open against rain and drafts. No more rain streams on the doors and no water splashes to the clothing...
  2. Vintage VW Light Bulbs

    The VW Bug, Bus, Karmann and Type 3 have a simple electric system and they need only a few vintage VW light bulbs. Osram, Philips and Fischer produced the vintage VW light bulbs for the headlights, parking lights, semaphore turn signal lights, speedometer instruments lights, dome light, license plate light, stop and tail lights. Sometimes it’s hard to get the...
  3. VW Beetle Driver Side Footrest

    VW Beetle Driver Side Footrest
    The VW Beetle driver side footrest gives the left foot specific support and protects against fatigue. The left foot of the driver's needs - especially on longer trips - a safe, sloping support surface. Otherwise, it will inevitably lead to fatigue. Especially with the VW automatic Beetle, the left foot is completely inactive and motionless, so that the foot support...
  4. VW 1200A 1965 34hp brochure

    VW 1200A 1965 34hp brochure
    The VW 1200A Standard Beetle with 34hp was produced after the VW factory summer holidays in 1965. The new 1200 A beetle has 34hp and flat hubcaps. Here you find more information about the old 30hp 1965 1200A VW Beetle. Below you find some interesting pages of the 34hp VW 1200A 1965 Standard Beetle brochure from Volkswagenwerk Wolfsburg in Germany...
  5. VW 1200A 1965 30hp brochure

    VW 1200A 1965 30hp brochure
    The VW 1200A Standard Beetle with 30hp was produced till about August 1965. After the VW factory holidays in summer 1965 the 1200A had 34hp and other improvements. Here you find more information about the new 34hp 1965 1200A. Below are the most interesting pages of the 30hp VW 1200A 1965 Standard Beetle brochure. VW 1200 A Brochure 01-1965 Page...
  6. Vintage VW Emergency Accessories

    Vintage VW Emergency Accessories
    Hello VW Fans. The german Fire, Police, Ambulance and Civil Protection vintage VWs had lots of interesting and necessary accessories from Bosch and Hella. For your vintage Fire Department, Police and Civil Protection operational T1 and T2 Bus, Beetle, Type 3 and 181 Volkswagen you need a low and high fanfare horn system (tatütata sirens), a spinning lamp with blue cover, an...
  7. Volksworld Show 2013 Photos Esher London

    Volksworld Show 2013 Photos Esher London
    Hello VW Fans. I was on the Volksworld Show 2013 in London on Saturday the 23th March. The Sandown Park parking lot was muddy, it was snowing and raining but the VolksWorld was awesome. Lots of great VWs and people and I can recommend the VolksWorld Show very much. Here my Volksworld 2013 photos from Sandown Park Racecourse in Esher...
  8. Vintage Accessory Parking Lights for VW

    Vintage Accessory Parking Lights for VW
    Here some information about parking lights on vintage Volkswagens. The old VW bug and bus was manufactured without a park light. On VW Split and Oval, you can remove the semaphores and put a Jokon turn signal, parking and boarding light unit on the b-pillar. This was a good option around 1960 but not these days, because the semaphores are...
  9. VW bug center console

    VW bug center console
    The console has an additional instrument board and a storage option on the tunnel. The additional storage is in the sight and reach of the driver and front passenger. You have the option of installing additional instruments in the cockpit, such as tachometer, oil gauge, ice warning, clock, hazard warning lights, switches, sockets and so on. I think the gauge...
  10. Vintage VW card game

    Vintage VW card game
    Check out the awesome drawings on this vintage Vintage Volkswagen Dealer card game. They are about 50 years old and they came with pen and nice leather bag. The cards are made by Volkswagen for the sales forces for a good cooperation from the seller to the customer. The selling tips on the cards are very useful. Below pictures of...
  11. Vintage Motorsport Accessories 1960

    Vintage Motorsport Accessories 1960
    In the brochure are some nice Motorsport and Rally accessories like the Talbot Mirror, Race Helm, Flexi Light, Mille Miglia gloves and Les-Leston steering wheel for Porsche 356 and VW Bug. The brochure was printed 1960 in Western Germany. Look at the great cover page. Thumbs up! This vintage Motorsport accessories brochure is from Rallye Bitter in Duesseldorf Germany. vintage...
  12. Camping Car Accessories Germany 1959

    Camping Car Accessories Germany 1959
    Vintage picture of a camping, car and accessories shop in Germany 1959.

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