The VW 1200A Standard Beetle with 34hp was produced after the VW factory summer holidays in 1965.

The new 1200 A beetle has 34hp and flat hubcaps. Here you find more information about the old 30hp 1965 1200A VW Beetle.

Below you find some interesting pages of the 34hp VW 1200A 1965 Standard Beetle brochure from Volkswagenwerk Wolfsburg in Germany.

VW 1200A Prospekt 08-1965 Seite 2
VW Beetle 1200A now with 34HP motor. Before August 1965 the 1200A had only 30HP. VW 1200 A Brochure 08-1965 Page 1.
The VW Beetle 1200A has a simple dashboard with three spoke Petri steering wheel and one speed wiper. VW 1200 A Brochure 08-1965 Page 10.
The VW 1200A has painted L328 interior handles. VW 1200 A Brochure 08-1965 Page 11.
1200A 1965 34HP technical data. VW 1200 A Brochure 01-1965 Page 20.