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  1. VW Bus and Bug in La Paz, Bolivia

    VW Bus and Bug in La Paz, Bolivia
    Hello Volkswagen Fans. I was in Bolivia in 2004 for travelling to see nature like Salar de Uyuni and Valle de la Luna. In La Paz I had the pleasure to see also some classic Volkswagen working hard in daily life. First picture is a Volkswagen T2 Bus which just had a breakdown in La Paz city. Below some pictures...
  2. Classic Volkswagen Bugs in Peru

    Classic Volkswagen Bugs in Peru
    Hello Volkswagen Fans. I was in Peru in 2004 to see wonderful Machu Picchu. I travelled also to Lima, Arequipa and Nazca and I saw classic VWs there. WOW, the first picture shows a Volkswagen Bug at Plaza Mayor in Lima Peru 2004. Please take a look at the VW Beetle pictures which I have taken in Peru in 2004...
  3. VW Bug and Bus Pictures Quito, Ecuador

    VW Bug and Bus Pictures Quito, Ecuador
    Hello Volkswagen Fans. In 2004 I travelled to Ecuador to see the superb Galapagos Islands and I can highly recommend to do that. I also went to Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, and I saw the classic Volkswagen in Quito’s daily life. Here the pictures of Volkswagen Beetle 1500, 1600 and Bay Window T2 Bus which I saw in...
  4. Maikäfertreffen 2011

    Maikäfertreffen 2011
    Hallo VW Fans. Am 1. Mai 2011 war das 28. Maikäfertreffen in Hannover Deutschland. Das Wetter war schön sonnig und es war wie immer sehr gut. In Hannover waren tausende luftgekühlte Volkswagen Fans aus Deutschland und Europa angereist. Es waren viele schöne Volkswagen Käfer, Busse, Ghias, Type 3 und andere luftgekühlte zu sehen. Auf dem Bild oben ist der Volkwagen ganz...
  5. Welcome to classiccult

    Welcome to classiccult, vintage accessories for VW and Porsche. Here you will find nos and rare vintage parts, classic cult Made in Germany.

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