Hello VW Fans.

I had good times the DKP Pre-Classic in 2016 and so California was calling me again 2017.

The DKP Pre-Classic Cruise Night was on Friday the 16th June 2017 on Main Street in Garden Grove Orange County. The event is organized by Der Kleiner Panzers, which is southern California most famous Volkswagen Club.

The weekend before was OCTO and El Prado Show & Shine. After some days in Yellowstone I arrived at 15:30 at Main Street Garden Grove. The DKP VW Club Parking Crew was already busy to get the California Look VWs parked nicely.

I recommend this event if you like California look Volkswagen and I think the Pre-Classic is as good as The Classic the next day.

Below 44 pictures of Der Kleiner Panzers Pre-Classic Cruise Night 2017 in order as taken.

Hello Der Kleiner Panzers Pre-Classic Cruise Night, Friday 16th June 2017, Main Street, Garden Grove, Orange County, California, USA, 15:38

Der Kleiner Panzers Club, California Look VWs

Der kleiner kampfwagens

16:07 air-cooled waiting for DKP Parking Service (no valet parking available)

DKP Pre-Classic Cruise Night 2017

Ragtop Oval with fender skirts just arrived at Pre-Classic Cruise Night 2017

VW Bug with air ride suspension

Zwitter Oval Beetle

Custom VW Split Bug

VW fans from Las Vegas cleaning the blue bug

VW Karmann-Ghia

VW Karmann-Ghia Show & Shine


VW Ragtop Oval, DKP Pre-Classic Show & Shine 2017

DKP Pre-Classic VW Show & Shine CA 2017

Type 3 Squareback

Patina Beetle with swamp cooler

low Type 3 Sunroof Notchback with fuchs wheels

black Cal Look VW Beetles

DKP Pre-Classic Show & Shine, Garden Grove, 2017

Samba Bus

Porsche powered Beetle

Type 3 Sunroof Squareback

Hot VW Magazine supercharged VW Beetle

kids Type 3 Squareback

VW Oval Beetle Karmann Cabriolet

low Split Bug, DKP Pre-Classic Meeting California 2017

1962 Ragtop

VW Ragtop with search light

T1 Split Pickup, DKP Pre-Classic 2017

VW Type 3 imported a few years ago from Germany, low kilometer and all untouched and original, wow

DKP Cruise Night Classic Weekend June 2017 Members Choice award


Ragtop Oval cruising home from DKP Pre-Classic, 19:44

19:54 Convertible Beetle cruising home from DKP Pre-Classic Meeting Garden Grove 2017

slow moving VW Beetle

DKP ONE moving slow because of a blown fuse

DKP BUG Ron on the way home to get sleep for The Classic next day, 20:35

DKP Cruise Night Classic Weekend June, Garden Grove, CA, 2017

Goodbye and Good night DKP Pre-Classic Cruise Night 2017, 20:40