Hello VW Fans.

I visited the El Prado VW Show in Chino California 2017.

After I was at The Classic in Costa Mesa in 2016 I knew I had to come back to visit El Prado Show & Shine.

The Show is presented by Vintage Transporter Owners (VTO) & Just Cruzin South California VW Club and the location was at Prado Regional Park, 16700 S. Euclid Ave., Chino, CA 91708, USA.

After the OCTO VW Transporter Show was finished on Saturday the 10th June I drove 40 Miles from Long Beach to the Prado Regional Park. I arrived Saturday at about 15:00 and the first impression was just amazing. I quickly had a good feeling and was happy that I made it to here.

The Prado Park is near Los Angeles and it is a green meadow paradise with lots of trees located in the Chino Valley basin. There is lots of space for a VW meeting with camping, cold drinks and fun. After I parked my car I checked the area, visited friends and the sunset was great.

Sunday was Showtime: The Americans start early in the morning to get the VWs in line. The first picture below was taken at 5:45 a.m. while it was still a bit dark. It was cloudy in the morning and later in the day sunny.

1338 air-cooled VWs were counted and it was amazing to see that many VW 181 and VW Buggys in one place. Clubs like The Original German Folks Klub (GFK) have put their cars beautifully in series.

I had good times at El Prado and will come back in the future. The El Prado Show in Chino is very different compared to The Classic in Costa Mesa. I like both and would recommend to go to both if you have the time.

Below 151 great pictures of the El Prado VW Show 2017 in order as taken on June 10 and 11.

Hello Prado Show: three VW Split Transporter fans on the way back from OCTO Show cruising through Prado Regional Park, Saturday 10th June, 14:55

custom bug

El Prado VW Show, Chino, California, 2017

Los Angeles Aircooled VW Club, camping at El Prado

Los Angeles Aircooled VW Club, camping at El Prado

Prado Regional Park VW Fans meeting

white 1956 VW Oval

VW Meeting 2017, Prado Regional Park


2x nice yellow 181 VW Thing, MYTHING

FLACH VIER KREUZER SoCal Air-Cooled Volkswagen Club

El Prado VW meeting, Saturday 10th June 2017, 18:43

Buses Only & Co Combi Club Tijuana

T2a Westfalia, Prado Regional Park

VW double cab original paint, for sale, 49k

T1 Split Camper

El Prado VW Meeting CA 2017

nice VW 181 bbq grill

prado group tent campground

Dub Riderz World Wide

It's not a car it's a vintage Volkswagen

VW Beetle with stone guard lights, Vintage Volkswagen Club of America

VW Meeting el Prado Regional Park California 2017

I like this T2a HIGHTOPMAFIA

El Prado VW Show Chino California 2017


El Prado Volkswagen meeting 2017

1964 Combi Bus with yellow headlights

El Prado VW meeting, 10th June 2017

VW 181 fans

Deutschlanders VW Club of Fresno

VW Bus fans camping at El Prado Park Calif

VW T1 split, Prado Show 2017

LA Aircooled VW Club, BBQ Time, el Prado Show 2017, 19:28

VW 181

Rallye VW Beetle

T2b Westy with single wheel trailer

low patina Beetles

VW Oval with Fiamm fanfare and Notek fog lights


oldbug.com, sunset time at El Prado VW Show 2017, 19:50

sunset at El Prado VW Meeting 2017, 20:07

Sunday 11th June, 5:46 a.m.: Good Morning El Prado Show & Shine, it was very nice to talk with you guys yesterday

LA Aircooled VW Club just arrived at the El Prado Show & Shine meadow and getting the Beetles ready for the show, Sunrise 6:14 a.m.

VW Fans arriving at El Prado Show & Shine 2017 at sunrise

VW 181 Show Area

Type 3 Fastback with safari window

Schuco VW Beetle, El Prado Show, Chino 2017

VW Oval is polished for show

#DIEROSWAGS from SoCal Aircooled VW Club

vintage VW Show Area, El Prado

1953 VW Oval Beetle, El Prado show winner 2017, Bob Sowersby

1953 VW Oval Beetle, rear view, Bob Sowersby

original Petri sun moon horn button in VW Oval Bug

vintage VW Show & Shine, Prado 2017

VW Type 2

yellow VW Convertible Beetle on fuchs wheels

Empi USA Bug with Albert swan neck mirrors

The Original German Folks So Cal VW Oval and Split Beetles

Samba Bus

Barndoor Samba Bus with Porsche 356b brakes from Douglas Gaylord, it was very nice to talk with you

Barndoor and Splits with safari window at Prado VW Show 2017

DKP Bug Ron Fleming just arrived at El Prado VW Show 2017, 8:23 a.m., dkpcarclub.com

The Original German Folks So Cal

Oil DRIPPERS car club, slammed society

El Prado VW Show, Chino, 2017

Samba on fuchs wheels

VW Beetle with safari window

1956 BACKDRAFT Racing VW Oval

El Prado VW meeting, Sunday 11th June 2017

1971 Squareback, OC Aircooled

VW 181 Beach Thing from Maui Hawaii

VW 181 Beach Thing from Maui Hawaii, dashboard view

VW 181 Thing Show & Shine, El Prado, 2017

UGLY THING, Original Paint, WOW

VW 181 Show, El Prado, 2017

VW 181 Thing Show & Shine, El Prado, 2017

VW Beach Buggy with trailer

Meyers Manx, more smiles per miles

1956 Oval Ragtop

T1 pickup with detailed fuchs

1965 patina VW Beetle aged by sun

West Coast Metric VW Resto Before and After

Air Cooled Hooligans Central California Chapter

OldSkool Obsessions SoCal, THE VW VADER 1956 Oval, California

El Prado Bus Show & Shine

high roof VW T2, Airhead Parts, Ventura, CA

El Prado Show & Shine 2017, 9:53 a.m.

palm green, sand green 15-window



isp horn button

1956 VW Oval, RARE Vintage AIR

El Prado Vintage VW Show & Shine 2017

VW Beetle pickup

VW 1300 Surf

custom VW Bug

Prado VW Meeting California 2017

VW Bug monster truck

VW Bug monster truck, rear view

VW 1500 another amazing Volkswagen Club

Buggy Show

1974 VW Thing




Type 3 Square

lowered Notchback with fuchs wheels, Prado Show 2017

lowered Volkswagen Variant with fuchs wheels

Type 3 Squareback with trailer

slammed sunroof Notchback with fuchs wheels

Prado VW Meeting, Calif, 2017

slammed fastback with fuchs wheels

El Prado VW Show Chino California 2017

El Prado VW Show and Shine Chino California 2017

VW Double cab and Notchback with fuchs wheels

El Prado VW Show Calif 2017, 12:41

sun aged patina VW Bug

yellow VW Bug with safari window

VW Convertible Bug from Oil DRIPPERS car club

DUB'FOLKS California

slammed VW Bug from Oil DRIPPERS car club

Ragtop VW Bug with safari window, DUB'FOLKS

The Original German Folks Klub (GFK), group photo, El Prado 2017, 13:11

VW Type 3 Show El Prado 2017

VW fan from Santa Monica checking up his VW Convertible for the drive home

13:55 VW fans on the way home

1963 23-Window Deluxe Bus with proud owner on the way to trailer with the queen, made the 1st Place for Type 2 1967 & earlier at El Prado Show & Shine 2017, well done, but not all KAMAX screws 100% year matching, it was nice to talk to you and teach you in that detail

Goodbye El Prado Show & Shine, 14:44 VW fans on the way home, Sunday 11th June 2017