Hello VW Fans.

I had good times at the VolksWorld 2013, 2015 and 2016 and so the UK biggest and best VW Show was calling me last weekend.

I visited the VolksWorld on Saturday the 25th March 2017 at the Sandown Park Racecourse in Esher near London.

After an early morning flight with Ryanair and about 100 miles in a rental car I arrived at 9:00 a.m. only 4 miles away from the Volksworld in a big traffic jam. One hour and 4 miles later I was at the car park.

The sun was shining, the entrance was still closed and hundreds of VW fans were waiting. Before the entrance was a nice line of 1967 VW Beetles for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of this model.

With delay, at about 10:05 a.m. they opened the entrance. This year everybody had to collect the ticket inside, because they did not sent out ticket-letters like the years before. Because of that, it was amazingly slow and unprofessional to get in.

After I was inside, I went straight outside where it was pleasant because the crowds are going to "the show cars” first.

I am always a bit scared to go in the basement area because they sold food there in the past and it was always smelly. Luckily this years they did not sell food and the VWs in the basement were just as great as above. This year was also the 30th VolksWorld magazine 1987-2017 anniversary celebration and on the show they had ex show and magazine cover cars.

The show was great again and will come back in the future.

Below a selection of 128 pictures of the Volksworld Show 2017.

Hello 25th Volksworld, 25th March 2017, 10:04 a.m.

VW fans waiting at the entrance

1967 VW Beetle display Volksworld entrance 2017

1967 Beetle Show, Volksworld 2017

T1 Split Bus Line outside

Racing Karmann Ghia from Germany

VW Beetle with Fuchs wheels at Sandown Park Racecourse Office

low Type 3 Squareback with owner sleeping inside, 10:11 a.m.

WOW, crowds waiting, slow ticketing at VolksWorld 2017, 10:28 a.m.

VW T1 Split Line, VolksWorld 2017

Aircooled VWs around the Sandown Park Summer Lawn

Aircooled VW display, Sandown Park Summer Lawn

patina Karmann Ghia with Cosmic wheels

low VW Split Bug with Cosmic wheels

Karmann Ghia Owners Club (GB), kgoc.org.uk

Karmann Ghia Owners Club, Volksworld Show UK 2017

Karmann Ghia Owners Club UK

VW Karmann Ghia Owners Club UK

VW Westfalia Transporter

Das WeltAuto

Lowdown Transporter UK

low VW T5 Doka, Dorchester Collection

VW T3 WESTFALIA syncro 4WD Joker

VW T2 Bay Window Bus Display, thelatebay.com

Brazilian Bay

Ziegler VW T1 Fire Bus


Cool Flo Vintage Bmx

1950 VW Split Beetle

Volksworld Show 2017

1950 VW Split Window Bug, Lloyd Jackson, Volksworld Show 2017

Type 34 Karmann Ghia 1966 with Flat4 Fuchs

1954 Type 117 Export VW Oval Ragtop Beetle with Flat4 BRM, Luftkraft

1954 Ragtop VW Oval Export Old School Cal Look Style

the future, a 1974 1303 Beetle with electric motor and 48 kwh battery pack and proud owner Richard Morgan

Electric 1303 VW Beetle, 48 kwh battery pack

Electric VW Beetle motor, electricclassiccars.co.uk

1976 Volkswagen SP2

pink VW Type 3 squareback with Fuchs wheels

1955 Karmann Cabriolet, Volksworld 2017

1955 Karmann Cabriolet

1967 Split Screen Devon Camper

Volkswagen Combi

one Show car missing at Volksworld 2017

1966 Beetle in L380 with SSP repro BRMs and Limebug air ride

1960 Beetle with 15 inch Porsche Fuchs replicas and air suspension

special Bay Window

1968 Type 3 Squareback Variant with air ride

Type 3 Squareback with CAR COOLER ALLSTATE

1971 Sidewinder Beach Buggy

yellow Beetle and blue Bay Window

original new and used VW parts for sale

new old stock VW bumper guards

2017 Volksworld VW Show

Wonky Donkey Emporium Classic Volkswagen Porsche Restoration

Convertible Beetle with Fuchs wheels, German Folks UK

GERMAN FOLKS Bug with fender skirts

German Folks United Kingdom

Type 3 notch with fender skirts

low Ragtop Split Bug with Fuchs wheels

lowered patina Super Beetle with luggage rack

Der Rattenfänger VW T2

VW Cabriolet Owners Club GB

2017 Volksworld Show

VW Beetle with Swan Neck Mirrors

Volksworld 2017

Volksworld Show 2017

Volksworld VW Show 2017

Resto Wagen UK

Bpc Retro, BPCvw, retro car club England

Bpc Retro, BPCvw, retro car club England

Clique 53 Volksworld Show

Patina Bus Line

VW Spiderman buggy

Super GP Buggy

VW Beetles

1967 US Beetle with Flat4 BRMS

1951 Sunroof Split Window Beetle with Porsche Fuchs and Okrasa

1951 Okrasa Split Window Bug

1955 VW Beetle

1958 Chimay Beetle

1967 23-Window Graffiti Samba Microbus Hippie Style

23-Window Samba Hippie Bus

Race Beetle Santa Pod Raceway

1966 Beach Buggy

1966 Beach Buggy, Aloha Hawaii Ride the wild surf

GP LDV Beach Buggy

GP LDV Buggy, rear

Sidewinder Beach Buggy

Volksworld VW Show, Esher, UK, 2017

1967 java green Beetle

Volksworld Show & Shine 2017

1971 Race Beetle with Smiths wheels

Herbie 53 Race Beetle, vwdrc.com

1955 VW Oval Ragtop Beetle Deluxe with genuine Fuchs and rare accessories like red tip indicator switch, trip speedo and pop outs

1955 VW Oval Ragtop with rare accessories, Volksworld Show UK 2017

1978 1200L Beetle with BBS Rims

custom VW Beetle

custom top chop beetle

Volksworld VW Show UK 2017

Volksworld 2017

1973 Beetle, 1980 style cal look with Empi 8-Spokes and louvred bonnet, decklid and front wings

Miss White Racing 1971 VW Beetle and Samba Bus

The Coolflo Cooler

1973 Karmann Ghia Sport

VW Type 3 Fastback, Volksworld Show 2017

Volksworld UK Volkswagen Show 2017

VW Camper Van 1966, US, Bowman Sons

Phoenix Camper

VW Type 3 Notch 1500N

1964 Type 3 Notchback 1500N in L91Z white and with Rader wheels

Just Kampers

T34 Karmann Ghia 1968

Karmann Ghia 1967

1967 Karmann Ghia dashboard with Les Leston wood rim steering wheel and Gene Berg shifter

VW T1 Split Show & Shine VolksWorld 2017

superb original and unrestored 1970 Bay Window Westfalia

low T1 Panvel Van

cool Ziegler Feuerwehr catching up late sunlight, VolksWorld, 25th March 2017, 2:43 p.m.

Ziegler T1 VW Feuerwehr

Volksworld Show, 25th March 2017

Volksworld Show UK, 25th March 2017

Volksworld T1 Split Bus display 2017

Volksworld Show Sandown Park Racecourse in Esher 2017

Volksworld, Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher, UK, 2017

Karmann Ghia Targa

1967 VW Beetle Display, Goodbye VolksWorld 2017