Check out the awesome drawings on this vintage Vintage Volkswagen Dealer card game.

They are about 50 years old and they came with pen and nice leather bag. The cards are made by Volkswagen for the sales forces for a good cooperation from the seller to the customer. The selling tips on the cards are very useful.

Below pictures of the vintage VW card game.

Vintage VW card game with great drawings of VW bug and bus. It was made around 1960 in Germany.
Car delivery = Wedding / original in german: Wagenübergabe = Hochzeit
Ask your wife. / original in german: Frage doch mal Deine Frau.
Today is the the most important day. / original in german: Heute ist der wichtigste Tag.
Know your sales aids - keep them up to date! / original in german: Kenne Deine Verkaufshilfen - halte sie aktuell!
Your Topic: The Volkswagen. / original in german: Dein Thema: das eigene Fabrikat.
Care for your car as you would yourself. / original in german: Pflege Deinen Wagen wie Dich selber.
Always negotiate with the right partner. / original in german: Verhandle stets mit dem richtigen Partner.
Children help sell! / original in german: Kinder helfen verkaufen!
Always keep your word. / original in german: Halte immer Dein Wort.
Hold your head free - make a note! / original in german: Halt dir den Kopf frei - notiere!
Objections prove interest. / original in german: Einwände beweisen Interesse.
A convincing argument - the test drive. / original in german: Ein überzeugendes Argument - die Probefahrt.
Vintage VW card game in the old leather case