In the brochure are some nice Motorsport and Rally accessories like the Talbot Mirror, Race Helm, Flexi Light, Mille Miglia gloves and Les-Leston steering wheel for Porsche 356 and VW Bug.

The brochure was printed 1960 in Western Germany. Look at the great cover page. Thumbs up!

This vintage Motorsport accessories brochure is from Rallye Bitter in Duesseldorf Germany.

vintage Stadium Rallye helm (like the famous Roemer Race Helm)
vintage Mille Miglia Leston Grand Prix Rallye Racer Gloves
Les-Leston Sports steering wheel for Porsche 356 and VW Bug 1960
Talbot Sport Mirror
Leston Grand Prix Robotimer (325 DM)
Rallye accessories, Flexi Light
Racing Umbrella and nice Leston race bag
all sorts of sporty car accessories
Vintage Le Mans, Monza, Sebring, Silverstone Decals