Hello VW Fans.

The ivory perohaus red tip fender flagpole looks great with a blue VW flag on VW Oval Bug.

The  total length of the VW Bug Perohaus fender stick is 310mm as you can see in the brochure below.

These Perohaus fender sticks are made in Germany and licensed for the road. In German "Peilstäbe, flexibel, nach den neusten Vorschriften der StVZO."

Below the Perohaus red tip fender flagpole brochure from the 60ies.

Perohaus fender flagpole for Ford 12M 15M 17M, Mercedes Ponton, Borgward Isabella TS, Opel Record Caravan
Perohaus fender flagpole for VW Oval Bug, DKW, Lloyd LP LS LC
MKT 2011 VW Perohaus Fender Flagpole
VW bug with perohaus fender flagpole - MKT 2011