Hello VW Fans.

I visited the Maikäfertreffen #34 in Hannover on Monday the 1th May 2017 with my 1969 VW Beetle.

My VW 1500 made the 250 kilometers from Bremen to Hannover and return successfully. I am used to 30 and 34 horsepower Beetles and my new VW 1500 with 44 horsepower is a fast Bug.

I arrived at 7:25 a.m. in Hannover and was parking within a short time. It was a nice sunny and fresh morning.

I checked out the show cars early in the morning which is very pleasant at this time, because many VW Fans have to go to the parts first.

More than 3500 air-cooled VWs made it to the famous Maikäfertreffen and it was really crowded around lunch time.

I bought a few parts after lunch and went home at 2:30 p.m.

It was great again. I saw thousands of air-cooled Volkswagen and I can recommend this VW meeting in Hannover Germany.

Below a selection of 130 pictures of the Maikäfertreffen 2017 VW meeting in order as taken.

Good morning Maikäfertreffen 2017, 7:28 a.m.
My lowered 1969 diamond blue VW 1500 Bug, Maikäefertreffen 2017
Maikäfertreffen Hannover 2017
Maikäfertreffen 2017
VW Speedster
MKT 2017
T1 with roof tent, camping MKT 2017
MKT Hannover 2017
T1, T2, T3 VW Camper
VW Bus fans, Camping area
Karmann Gipsy Camping Bus
T2b westy, T3 syncro, T3 pickup
VW Beetles from Duisburg and Essen at Maikäfertreffen #34
VW Fans from Lippe
VW Fans camping at MKT #34 2017
7:55 a.m. and sleeping…
nice ragtop Split Windows Bug from Switzerland
big engine in VW Beetle
Maikäfertreffen Hannover 2017
1966 T1 Split Bus with solar panel
DR OETKER Hausfrauenberatung T1 Bus
yellow Seedstar Bug
1965 T1 Bus
1973 Ambulance T2b Bus
T1 Split Bus pop top camper
Maikäfertreffen Hannover #34
in holiday from 01.01 till 31.12
flower power peace VW Beetle
8:07 a.m. Volkswagen fans having breakfast
yellow white VW T1 with safety star
1958 Ragtop Beetle from Delmenhorst just arrived and waiting for parking
8:11 a.m. at Maikäfertreffen 2017 and already a huge but nice aircooled traffic jam
VW Beach Buggy show area, only a few
VW Type 3 line, rear view
Bonito Kitcar
T1 Camper with cool Reise mit Westfalia trailer
VW T2 Show and small Maikäfer, 8:20 a.m. and still nice peaceful
Type 3 squareback polished by owner for show and shine
WOW, VW Type 3 Show Maikaefertreffen Hannover 2017
Type 3 1600 TL Fastback, 8:22 a.m.
Karmann Ghia polished by owner for the show
Karmann Ghia show area
T1 Split Window Bus Line, Maikaefertreffen VW Show Hannover 2017
WOW, Maikäfertreffen Hannover 2017
Maikäfertreffen 2017
plenty of VW T1 in all conditions
high roof T1 Bus, the perfect viewpoint
Maikäfertreffen #34 2017
Maikäfertreffen Hannover Germany 2017
nice T1 Split Bus Line
1972 VW Bug Convertible
VW Beetle show and shine area
plenty of air-cooled Beetles
aircooled Beetles MKT #34
VW Oval from Denmark with VW 1200 mudflaps, rear bumper guards and much more rare accessories
VW Beetles at Maikäfertreffen 2017, WOW
VW Oval with power engine
1962 VW Convertible Police Beetle
Telefunken FuG7a in VW Convertible Police Beetle
VW Convertible Police Bug with blue search light and red tip antenna
VW Beetles with Porsche Fuchs wheels
golden 1957 Oval Ragtop
Standard Oval Beetle
patina VW Oval and blue Beetle with roof rack
Hebmüller 14-00684
DFL VW Club, Maikäfertreffen 2017
Maikäfertreffen Hannover 2017
VW Beetle dashboard with rally panel panel and wood steering wheel
Dannenhauer Stauss VW rear view
Dannenhauer Stauss VW dashboard
VW Beetle Convertible with decklid rack
1977 race Beetle with square headlights
Maikäfertreffen Hannover 2017
Maikäfertreffen Hannover
turbine powered 850 horsepower black widow VW Oval race Beetle from Zeven Germany, very fast Beetle for Speedweekend on Ice 2017 Arsunda
VW Käfer Petterson Roadster
VW 181
9:18 a.m. more and more VW Fans arriving
Maikäfertreffen 2017
air-cooled entertainment for free
T1 Samba with trailer
3 lanes traffic jam with classic VWs
VW Typ 4 Nasenbär
Maikäfertreffen entrance for air-cooled is only 10 EUR
Maikäfertreffen Team
Maikäfertreffen Hannover 2017
1971 VW 1302 S
1973, 1974 and 1950 VW Beetle just arrived, 9:51 a.m.
MKT VW Meeting Germany, 2017-05-01
1972 Cabrio, 1964 Beetle
VW Baja
VW 1303 S Herbie 53 from Austria, 1971 VW 1300 from Germany
Mai-Käfer-Treffen Germany 2017
Mai-Käfer-Treffen 2017
1967 Bug, 2x Karmann-Ghia Typ 14, VW 1600i Harlekin
Coca Cola Beetle
Ragtop Beetle with Westfalia trailer
Maikäfertreffen 2017
1973 Gelb-Schwarzer Renner VW Käfer 1303 S
VW Bug with fender skirts
1968 VW Beetle from Minden
MKT VW Meeting Hannover 2017
VW Meeting Hannover 1th May 2017
1973 Beetle and self-made Convertible
10:13 a.m. VW Beetle driver hunting for parking
herbie fully loaded
Maikäfertreffen 2017-05-01, 11:12 a.m.
MKT Hannover 2017
green T2b Westy
VW Oval with roof rack
cool Shorty VW Bug with proud owner
VW 181
red 1967 VW Beetle
T1 Split Show & Shine
VW 1303 from Oldenburg, MKT Show & Shine 2017
VW fans waiting for Show & Shine
rare and nos spare vw parts
VDO and DRÄGER Gauge, Bosch fog lights for sale
Maikäfertreffen is also a good place to buy heavy and huge parts like Bus seats, doors or Beetle fenders
Karosseriebau Handschuch Bockhorn, they can do the unpleasant resto work, this Porsche 356 needs about 600h to fix the rust problems
grey VW Beetle 1959-1963 floor mats, only 44 EUR in new old stock
VW Split Bug 4 doors taxi
rare VW Split Window Beetle 4 doors taxi
cool T2a Camper, Maikäfertreffen Show & Shine 2017
Maikäfertreffen VW Meeting 2017, Show & Shine
Maikäfertreffen 2017
VW 181 Feldjäger
Goodby Maikäfertreffen 2017, 2:11 p.m.