Hello VW Fans.

I was in Chimay Belgium from 1th to 2th July 2017 to visit the European Bug-In #7 VW Show.

My 1969 VW 1500 Beetle made the 1200 km round trip very well. Only one windshield wiper arm gave up the service because the screw had loosened. But that was easy to fix and so the continuous rain was no problem.

The weather was very bad. On Saturday it was not raining for about 1 hour at lunch time and it was not raining 2-3 hours before sunset. The Chimay racetrack was closed all day.

It was muddy and slippery and so the conditions for the Off-road entertainment couldn’t be better. Even a VW T1 Split made the track through the mud. Well done!

Miss European Bug-in 2017, Alysson Hotcho, arrived at the Gasser Line-up Show area at 19:30. The Gasser Line was this year in the burnout box. At 21:30 the burnout and night entertainment started and the sunset was great.

It was again bad weather on Sunday. Some VW fans could do a bit drag racing in the morning, just to get the racetrack dry. At about 10:45 was show time for the Oklahoma Willy jet powered VW Pickup. This Jet-Split-Bus is superb entertainment even for legends like the Godfather of Cal-look, Ron Fleming DKP. If you ever see the Bus, e.g. at Bug Jam Santa Pod UK, choose your viewing place in connection with the wind direction. I was in the middle of the exhaust gas cloud…

Unfortunate at 11:00 the racetrack had to close again because of rain. I drove home at 12:30 where I arrived at 19:00.

Below a selection of 153 great pictures of the European Bug-In 7 VW meeting sorted by the time the picture was taken.

European Bug-In 2017, Saturday, 1th July, 10:50 a.m., lots of rain for days and this VW Double cab is on the way to sink

VW 181 Thing trailer queen catching up some rain


Blackout T1 Split Drag Race Bus on the way back to trailer, EBI #7 done at 11:21 a.m.

VW Offroad Buggy in the mud

Super VW Fest #4 Beetle

VW 1500S Squareback and VW 1500 Notchback from UK

slammed VW Bug

Show & Shine, European Bug-In 2017, 12:51

European Bug-In 7 VW Show Chimay 2017, nice VW Beetle reflections in the newly developing lake

small Type 3 Notch kids VW Fun car

nice Ragtop VW Split and Ragtop Oval Beetle from DK

Vintage VW Oval and Split Beetles, EBI 7 Show & Shine

VW Type 2 Show & Shine, European Bug-In Chimay 2017

VW T2a reflections in the puddle


VW 1600L Ghia

white VW Oval, Chimay

Offroad Beetle in the mud

VW Buggy in the mud

Offroad T1 Split Bus deep in the mud

no worries

Hazard Streaker Cox in the mud

patina Beetle and rain improves the look, I have also pics taken in the afternoon without rain…

Camping EBI Chimay, 16:49

VW fans from DK, they did also Hessisch Oldendorf on this tour...

nice Ragtop Oval

VW Shorty T2

start of the Gasser Line layout, European Bug-In 2017, 19:17

It's Showtime: Miss European Bug-in 2017, Alysson Hotcho, just arrived at 19:36

European Bug In #7, Gasser Line-up completed

Mister T Drag Race Beetle burnout, Gasser Show Area, 20:45

Low Bugz

VW Fans cruising around and enjoying the sunset

nice T2a High Roof

VW Transporter line up, 2x T1, T2a, T2b, T3

VW Beetle, EBI7 Sunset, 21:36

European Bug-In VW Burnout Show 2017 at sunset

Bullet Holes T1 Samba Bus Burnout

22:10: kids in kids T1 fun bus

California Look VW Beetle burnout, 22:24

Next day: campground, 2th July 2017, 08:06 a.m.

VW 411L Gulf

European Bug-In drag racing 2017, 9:48 a.m.

Drag Race VWs getting ready for the race, unfortunate the rain was back before they could start

EBI7 VW drag race

This VW Bug has a great California sun patina

Drag Race VWs waiting for racing on Circuit de Chimay Belgium

Oklahoma Willy jet powered VW Pickup checked by DKP Ron Fleming

Jet powered T1 VW Pickup gets gas for the race demonstration

Oklahoma Willy VW T1 Split Pickup Jet Bus take off, European Bug-In drag racing 2017, 10:56

EBI #7 OFFROAD VW Show & Shine Line-Up 2017

Ragtop Oval Show with rain, European BugIn VW Meeting 2017

fun at European Bug In 2017 #7

My VW 69 at EBI7, the Beetle made the 745 miles return to Chimay successfully, 2th July 2017, 12:17, Goodbye European Bug-In