Hello VW Fans.

I visited the famous Autostadt Wolfsburg in November 2016.

I arrived at the Welcome Desk at 10:00 a.m. and started with the Volkswagenwerk Werk-Tour to see how they produce the new Golf 7.

Then I watched some good VW movies in “The GroupForum” building. After that I visited “the ZeitHaus museum” to see a collection of classic “Automobile Milestones” cars.

Later after lunch, I had a look at the two famous car towers and the car delivery Customer Center.

The highlight was the Werk-Tour and the classic car ZeitHaus museum. I recommend to go only on weekdays. From Tuesdays to Friday you can also visit the “Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen” which is only a few kilometers from Autostadt.

Below 25 pictures taken on 2016-11-28 in Autostadt Wolfsburg.

This is the starting point to visit the Autostadt. VW names it “The GroupForum”.

1968 Porsche 911S in the ZeitHaus

1938 Split and 2003 VW Beetle Ultima Edition in Autostadt, Zeithaus, Wolfsburg, Germany

1950 VW T1 Sinalco Bus

ZeitHaus VW museum

1970 VW 411 LE (Typ 4)

VW Motor Sport 1974, 1975 Oettinger VW Scirocco 1

1962 VW Type 3 Notchback 1500

this is the last VW beetle produced in Mexico, the 2003 VW Beetle Ultima Edition, Zeithaus museum, Autostadt, Wolfsburg

1980 Golf Cabriolet Erdbeerkörbchen

1968 EMPI imp Dune Buggy

1963 BMW 1500

1982 Golf C

VW Rometsch Beeskow 1952

1952 VW Rometsch Beeskow dashboard

1937 Porsche Type 60 (V30) Beetle Prototyp

1937 Porsche Type 60 V30, VW Zeithaus, Wolfsburg, Germany

1949 Volkswagen Typ 14 Hebmüller, ZeitHaus Milestone

Zeithaus, Wolfsburg, Germany 2016

1972 VW Beetle 1302

1956 Porsche 550A 1500 RS Spyder

The car towers in Wolfsburg, each has space for up to 400 VWs

The Volkswagen car towers in Wolfsburg, view from inside

Autostadt Customer Center, the place to pick up the new Volkswagen in Wolfsburg