Hello VW fans.

I visited the MaiKäferTreffen VW Meeting #36 in Hannover on 1 May 2019.

I arrived with my 1969 Beetle at 7:20 in a nice Volkswagen traffic jam and was parking within 10 minutes. The Show was great and my 1500 Bug made the trip to Hannover superb.

Below 109 pictures in order as taken of the biggest VW Show in Germany, the Mai Käfer Treffen 2019.

Hello Mai-Käfer-Treffen 2019, 7:20 a.m.
superb 1960 Ragtop VW Beetle with Erdal trailer and loaded with rare accessories
early birds with Coca Cola and Jack Daniels VW Bug
VW Beetles fans just arrived early in the morning MKT Show 2019
Maikaefertreffen show starts
sleeping strong in the VW Camper, 7:47 a.m. MaiKäferTreffen Meeting 2019
MaiKäferTreffen Camping Area
MaiKäferTreffen Hannover Camping
original 1966 VW 1200A Standard Beetle
VW T1 T2 Bus camping at MKT Meeting Hannover 2019
71 Westy, VW Oval, 69 Tin Top
VW T3 Gipsy
Alter Eumel MaiKäferTreffen 2019
Mai-Kaefer-Treffen Hannover Germany 2019
1971 high roof Camper
VW Type 3 Show and Shine
Karmann Ghia just arrived
VW Chop Top Oval Bug Altblech
VW Fridolin after fire
VW Fridolin Show & Shine, MaiKäferTreffen 2019
VW T1 Split Bus Show & Shine, Mai-Käfer-Treffen 2019
VW T2 Bay Bus Show & Shine, Mai Käfer Treffen Hannover 2019
Mai Käfer Treffen Hannover 2019
Mai Käfer Treffen Hannover 2019
1972 VW T2b Fire Bus Crew Cab, Freiwillige Feuerwehr Nassereith Austria
VW T2a Fire Bus
VW T2a Fire Bus
2019 Mai-Käfer-Treffen VW Show
VW Karmann Ghia Show & Shine, MaiKaeferTreffen Hannover 2019
VW Karmann Ghia Show & Shine, MaiKaeferTreffen Hannover 2019
VW Beetle Show & Shine, MaiKaeferTreffen 2019
VW Beetle Show & Shine, MaiKaeferTreffen 2019
The Maikäfer
VW Bug with Hella Stone Guard Fog Lights
old Rally VW Beetle 153
MaiKaeferTreffen 2019
VW Split Convertible
Surfboard VW Bug
VW Baja Bug Rothmans
VW Baja Bug Rothmans
VW 1303-S
Coca Cola VW Beetle
1966 VW 1300 Rally Beetle
detailing VW Bug for Show & Shine, hard work because lowered
VW Beetles, 2019 Mai Käfer Treffen
Blechlauser 56
Route 66 VW Bug Edelrost
VW Puma
VW Puma
VW Split
MaiKaeferTreffen 2019
VW T2 Show
VW T1 pick up
T2a Westfalia with trailer
T2a Westfalia with trailer
T2b Fire Bus
T2b Fire Bus
VW Jens Käfer
My Beetle and a very nice unwelded original Jens Käfer imported from Italy, a dream apart from the Italian side indicators
1959 VW Convertible from Emsland just arrived, 9:12 a.m.
Enjoying MaiKaeferTreffen 2019
Crazy VW Split Bus driver going the wrong way during MaiKaeferTreffen rush hour
9:20 a.m. Messe Car Park filling up wie air-cooled VWs
Type 3, Ghia, Bug
VW 1303 S GSR, Gelb-Schwarzer-Renner 1972
rare original VW 1303 S GSR, Gelb-Schwarzer-Renner, Made in Germany 1972
VW Bug with self-made bumper guard foglights
external Sun visor VW Beetle from Wolfsburg
1971 VW Type 3 with small Bosch fanfare horns
VW T1 Samba Typ 24 DeLuxe with external Sun visor
plenty of classic VW Beetles
red VW Split Bug
SunRoof Super Beetle with Hella Halogen fog lights
Classic Beetle with rare headlight washer on chrome bumper, LINHA AZUL VW, COOL air Conditioned VW
VW Beetle with Cibie fog lights and Bosch horns
VW Beetle with fender pole flag stick
Albert Swan Neck Mirrors VW Bug
VW T1 Fire Bus with Bosch horns and blue Eisemann beacon
VW Bug with external sun visor and roof rack
VW 181 on fuchs wheels and banana
yellow VW Beetle with matching VW Bug cut trailer
Deutsches Rotes Kreuz VW T2 Bus with Westfalia trailer
Pritschen-Kippwagen T2 Bus
three VW T1
1968 VW Fire Beetle with Hella rotating beacon and horns, fully restored, all original
just arrived VW Fans, 10:44 a.m.
Esso VW Bug (low)
2019 MaiKäferTreffen Hannover
German Chop Top VW Oval Beetle
VW Fridolin Kundendienst
VW Fridolin Kundendienst, Show & Shine MaiKäferTreffen Hannover 2019
VW Fridolin 147 with Westfalia Trailer, MKT Show 2019
VW Fridolin with Westfalia Trailer
2019 Show & Shine VW Fridolin MaiKäferTreffen
VW Bug lowered by adding accessories
1966 VW 1500 Bug rear with plenty accessories
Australian VW Country Buggy
Australian VW Country Buggy
VW T1 Polizei Bus
VW T1 Polizei Bus
low karmann ghia
low karmann ghia
VW Type 3 Notchback on Lemmerz Sprintstar wheels
VW Type 3 Notchback on Lemmerz Sprintstar wheels and with roof rack, MKT 2019 Show & Shine
1977 Käfer Cabrio
VW Hebmüller looking Beetle
Low Busted Garage slammed VW Bug
1969 Karmann Ghia
Karmann Ghia, MKT 2019 Show & Shine
Karmann Ghia Type 34 (Razor Edge)
Patina T1 Split
Patina T1 Split, Heckkraft Custom
VW T2 Crew Cab Fire Bus
VW T2 Crew Cab Fire Bus
VW Bug on BBS wheels
VW Bug on BBS wheels
1:28 p.m. DFL Cal Look VW Bug say goodbye MaiKäferTreffen Hannover 2019