used Hella KL70 flash light with blue lens

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Used 12V Hella KL(J)70 lamp.
Hella KL 70 flash light beacon for 12V in used condition. I tested the lamp with 12 Volt and it is running very well but the bulb does not light up. I tested the bulb and the bulb is working and so the problem is somewhere. The blue plastic lens is very good. The base is without dents. The base color is not original (was possible factory grey). The base sticker is stamped with "Hella, Made in Germany, H1, 12V, 55W, RL 003 130-00" and the blue lens is stamped with "CH1 1280 03, CH 1 1280 04". The base diameter is 14,5 cm and the total height is about 19 cm.
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Country of OriginGermany