Magnet to mount blue Police flash light

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One (1x) made in Germany magnet with 8 cm diameter to mount police flash light beacon.
One (1x) used magnet to mount police flash light in good condition. The magnet was made in Germany to mount revolving lamps on the roof. The quality is very good and it was made for up to 250 KMH speed. So they are very strong and very well made. The diameter is 8cm, the height is 2cm and the weight is 500g. Please note, this is for one magnet only and all other parts are not included. At the picture you also see a blue Hella KLJ 70 light with has the same base diameter as e.g. Hella KL7. The magnet can be used for these flash lights. You can make a base and attach one magnet or you can attach 3 magnets. I think one magnet is fine for small lights like the KL 70 and three magnets should be used for bigger lights. At the last picture you can also see original magnetic Hella KLJ 70 blue flash light. So the magnet you buy here does match very well.
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Country of OriginGermany