Magnet for Police Flash Light Beacon

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One (1x) made in Germany magnet with 4,2 cm diameter to mount police flash light beacon.
One (1x) small used rubber-coated neodymium magnet to mount police flash light in good condition. The diameter of the magnet is 4,2 cm and the height is 0,5 cm. The magnet was made in Germany in very good quality to mount revolving beacon lamps on the roof. Three flexibly mounted and rubber-coated neodymium magnets provide a secure hold for small lights like e.g. Hella KLJ 70. As you can see at the last picture, between the magnet and the mount base is a bit distance, because around the magnet is some special protection rubber. This is very nice when you mount the beacon, because the roofs are often not flat and so the three magnets will mount nicely. At the picture you also see the base of a blue Hella KL(J)70 light with has the same base diameter as e.g. Hella KL7. Three magnets can be used for these flash lights. Please note, the price is for one (1x) magnet only and all other parts are not included. If you want three magnets, please buy three times this item.
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Country of OriginGermany