blue Hella Police light horn system NOS

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Blue Hella Police system with flashing lamp, two fanfare horns, relay and switches.
One blue Hella Police system with flash light, two horns, relay and switch in new old stock (nos) condition. This set is superb, fully working and it was stored in a special wood box for the German military police since 1986 (see sticker). The blue Hella KL(J)70 lamp is mounted with the Hella rubber on a triangular metal base. In the blue triangular base is a 12V Hella Klangfolge relay installed. The relay has 11 connectors and it can be used for fire department, police, ambulance, fanfare horns and blue flashing lights. Cables are going from the switch to the triangular base and as you can see, one grey plastic grommet is damaged. As I have more of this item, it can be that this grommet is ok, is damaged or will get damaged easy. It might even that both plastic grommets are damaged. Possible because the plastic is aged. So you should replace it with a round black plastic grommet which looks much better anyway. The grey switch box has inside two Hella switches and a small black Bosch fuse box. To use the system, you only need to put the plug in a 12V cigarette lighter power socket. Included is also a power socket with long cable. If you want to mount the set on the car roof, put the sticker on your car and make three holes with the included huge and heavy blue mandrel. Then remove the three rubber feet and put through the holes in the roof. This great set was put together in Bremen Germany. All parts are very high quality and Made in Germany by Hella or Bosch. The measurements: The total height is 32 cm, the height of the Hella KLJ70 with base is 19 cm, the height of the triangular blue base is 8 cm, the height of the 3 rubber feet is 4,5 cm each, the size of the triangular blue base is 21 x 21 x 21 cm, the size of the grey switch box is 11 x 7,5 x 5,5 cm, the diameter of high and low horns is 12 cm. The weight and shipping: The weight of the never opened untouched wood box with all parts is 21 kilogram, the weight of the wood box with all parts but without the desiccant silica gel is 19 kilogram, the weight of all parts but without the wood box is 6 kilogram. I will take all parts out of the wood box and ship the 6 kilogram of parts in a DHL parcel up to 10 Kilogram. Please email, if you want pay more for shipping to get e.g. the item in an untouched wood box.
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Manufacturer Hella
Country of Origin Germany
Condition nos
Weight 6.0000