Hella Klangfolge Alarm Relay NOS

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12V Hella Klangfolge relay 5AB 003188-00 in new old stock condition.
Hella Klangfolge relay for 12 volt and in new old stock (nos) condition. The size of the relay is 7 x 6 x 3 cm, it has 11 connectors and it is made of metall. The relay is stamped with "Hella, Made in Germany, Klangfolge-Steuergerät, 12V, 5AB 003188-00 DIN 14 610, B08”. It can be used for fire department, police, ambulance, fanfare horns and blue flashing lights. This is good old Hella Made in Germany quality. Included are also the two black plastic relay connectors (one 6-pin and one black 4-pin). The 6-pin and 4-pin plastic connector just separates / protects the small brass cable connectors. These small tiny brass connectors for the cables, which you see on the pictures, are not included. You can easy buy them and you possible need more of them for your classic car. I can also sell these to you, just email. The parts at the last picture are not included but they show a Hella Klangfolge alarm flashing blue light system set.
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Country of OriginGermany