Hella KL7 light beacon B1002 red lens 12V

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Strong used Hella KL 7 beacon with red lens.
Red 12V Hella KL-7 light beacon in strong used condition. I tested the lamp with 12V and it runs as it should. The rotary function works and the bulb burns. The base is without dents, the bottom is very rusty and the diameter is about 14,5 cm. The total height is about 20 cm. The red lens has scratches but no cracks as far what I can see. The chrome ring is without dents as far as I can see and the chrome will be ok after polish. The chrome ring mount screw does not look good. The badge is good and stamped with "Hella KL7, 12V, B1002 DIN, Made in Germanyā€¯. The motor looks good, but somebody put lots of glue between base and chrome ring (see last photos), possible to mount it or to keep water outside. Strong used Hella KL7 beacon.
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Country of OriginGermany