4x original VW Oval Bug rubber mats Set

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VW Oval Beetle rubber mats set in strong used condition.
4x original VW Oval Beetle rubber floor mats in strong used condition. All four floor mats are with a different VW part number and this is a correct set for VW Oval Beetle. Some mats have been patched and repaired from the rear as you can see. Some have the dirt, rust, paint of the VW still attached. The co-driver side mat received unusual heat at one area and there it is wavy as you can see at the pics. They are marked with /// driver: 113 863 711 A 36820 5-4 VW / co-driver: 113 863 712 A 470220 VW PHOENIX / rear L: 113 863 731 A VW PHOENIX / rear R: 113 863 732 A VW, horse logo, 36825 4 4 /// I did not try to clean them. If you can clean them, which should be possible, because it is black rubber, you could use “as is” three of them because the co-driver mat is not that good. The best would be to put cocomats on it anyway. 2500g heavy and made in Germany.
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Country of OriginGermany