VW Oval Bug KAMEI parcel tray

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Rare KAMEI parcel tray for VW Bug.

Vintage KAMEI parcel tray for VW Oval Beetle in used condition. The parcel tray comes with original cardboard. It is mounted with 6 screws but some screws are missing. The missing screws are nothing special and easy to get new. The later produced Kamei parcel tray has only 4 mount screws. The fabric has a few holes as you can see but it is still strong. The parcel tray is dirty but will be nice after cleaning. Hard to get in this nice condition and made in Germany in the 50ies.

It was with matching Kamei fuel reserve handle extension (see last 2 pics) but the reserve handle extension is not included. More information about VW Bug parcel trays: https://www.classiccult.com/blog/vw-bug-parcel-tray.html

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Country of OriginGermany