VW Bug Hazet spare tire tool kit 1953

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Rare Hazet spare tire box with tools for VW Bug.

Vintage Hazet spare tire tool kit for VW Beetle in used condition. The production year is early 1953 and the the box is unrestored and with good patina.

The box is not complete. I am not a Hazet hero but at least one screwdriver is missing. It looks like that all parts are from the same production year. Some tools have still the Hazet Sticker. The box has 2-3 dents but I think it is nice aged in total. The open close function works very well. The tool clips are all good. The box and tools are without problems. Made in Germany for VW Beetle spare tire. The diameter is 30 cm.

For more info about this box and other Hazet spare tire tool boxes take a look at this page: http://hazetguide.com/1953a/index.htm

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Country of OriginGermany