VW Beetle Bosch Fog Lights Fanfare Set

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Rare set of Bosch fog lights with Bosch fanfare horns and Bosch brackets for VW Oval Bettle.
A set of Bosch fog lights with Bosch fanfare horns and VW Beetle mount brackets in used condition. All parts are used and from Bosch for VW Beetle. I tested the horns with 6V and they do not work. I tested the fog lights with 6V and they work. I had a detailed look at the items and this is the condition: The brackets are complete, rusty and ok after sandblasting. Both fanfare horn top covers are without dents. The horn gutters are rusty but without big dents. One fanfare horn is stamped with “HO / ESA 6A5” and the other with “HO / ESA 6A6” for low and high tone. /// The diameter of the small Bosch ball fog lights is 12,5 cm and the lens diameter is 10,5 cm. One fog light has one big dent at the rear top, one dent at the rear bottom and the chrome ring has one dent at the bottom near the open/close screw. The other fog light has one dent at the rear and one dent at the side of the chrome ring. The glass lenses are both 100% the same and in good condition. Both fog light chrome rings are stamped at the top with "BOSCH GERMANY IMPORTE D ALLEMAGNE Neigung 24cm/5m". I did not open lights and horns. The set is 6500g heavy. Made in Germany for VW Oval Beetle. The last picture shows the set in Bosch VW parts catalog 1956. A good option might be to sandblast all parts, remove the dents with bondo and paint all parts in silver like the VW wiper blades.
More Information
Manufacturer Bosch
Country of Origin Germany
Condition used
Weight 6.5000