VW Ambulance Bus Hella alarm light

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Blue Hella spinning lamp for VW Ambulance bus in very good condition.
One Hella spinning lamp for VW Ambulance bus.The blue lamp is tested is 12V and working very well like new. The base diameter is 24 cm, the seal diameter is 25 cm, the total height is 31 cm, the base is 13 cm height and the blue cap is 18 cm height. Included is also the thick and original sealing which is marked with “VW Audi Logo, W Germany, 251941241”. The blue cap is marked with “Made in Germany, Hella, CH1 28001, CH1 28002”. At the lamp is the Hella sticker and the sticker is marked with “Hella VW 2RL003 129-02 Made in Germany Glühlampe H1 12V 55W DIN K8603 71345 CH1 1280 05 A”. It is hard to read, because the sticker is old. The weight is 2200g. It might be that the lamp was repainted at some time with “german ambulance colour at the base”. This is good old German quality and it can be mounted as is, because all is in very good condition.
More Information
Manufacturer Hella
Country of Origin Germany
Condition used
Weight 2.2000