Talbot Yorck 333 Berlin mirrors

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A matching set of two Talbot 333 side mirrors in used condition.
Two Talbot Yorck 333 side mirrors in used condition. Both mirrors are 100% the same and both are complete with mounting bracket and sealing. The mirrors are without dents. All parts like mounting bracket and adjustment are ok and working and all parts are original Talbot. The glass mirror lens itself is aged. The seal around the mirror lens is not so good. I will included 3 used but better seals, see last picture, so that you can replace them. The lens diameter is 10 cm (4 inch) and the mount base is 10,5 cm x 1,6 cm. The mirrors are made in Germany and good for a driver. Talbot Yorck is the same as Talbot Berlin. Only the green logo badge is different.
More Information
Manufacturer Talbot Berlin
Country of Origin Germany
Condition used
Weight 0.9200