Osram Bilux Bulb Box Dealer selling cabinet

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Vintage Osram made in Germany dealer bulb selling cabinet.
This vintage Osram Bilux Bulb Box was a typical VW Porsche Dealer selling cabinet 50 years ago. The huge bulb box display has a test device inside for bulb testing. It works with 220V and is working very well. You can put e.g. a bilux headlight bulb on the aluminum and then you press the button and the bulb will light up if working. Very cool! The box is made in Germany, 4500g heavy and the measurements are 50x55x15cm. The bulb inlay inside is new made because the old was rotten. The stickers and all other parts are original. There are the following bulbs inside (see stickers): 6V 3W, 6V 5W, 6V 0,6W, 6V 3W, 6V 4W, 6V 25 W, 6V 35W (Bilux) / 12V 3w, 12V 5W, 12V 2W, 12V 15W, 12V 10W, 12V 35W (Bilux). At the top are two places for small Osram Autolampen bulb boxes. At the pictures only one Volkswagen Box is visibly. I have many different of these small glove box bulb boxes. For example for VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia or in orange blue for Porsche 356. Included are two very good small bulb boxes, you can choose what you want. It comes with all bulbs like at the picture. Good condition. Very nice in a Porsche 356 or Volkswagen Beetle Garage.
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Country of OriginGermany