Hella TN1 TN2 Porsche fog lights

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Hella TN1 TN2 fog lights in very good condition.
A nice set of vintage Hella TN1 TN2 Porsche fog lights in very good condition. Both fog lights are 100% the same and they are possible never mounted because all looks like new. The problems: Both fog lights have a small dent in the middle of the rear side. One fog light has a scratch at the chrome frame, see second picture, right fog light, about 1 cm from center to the left. End of problems. The lenses are marked with “TOP TN1-TN2 K8201 002-51764 MADE IN GERMANY SAE F65 SF-S5”. Both reflector is marked with “2ZR 001 173-09 35W”. One reflector is also marked with “4/67” which is the date of manufacture. The total diameter is 13 cm and the lens diameter is 11 cm. Made in Germany for vintage Porsche and also very nice on T1 / T2 Bus and VW Beetle.
More Information
Manufacturer Hella
Country of Origin Germany
Condition used
Weight 1.2700