Vintage HAGUS sun visor 1956 NOS

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HAGUS sun visor made in Germany 1956 in nos with box.
Vintage HAGUS sun visor made in Germany 1956 and in new old stock (nos) condition. The Box is stamped with "Hagus Sonnenblende für Kleinstwagen links 1956". The sun visor has the Hagos logo. The total length with holder is 38,5 cm, the sun visor without holder is 30 x 10 cm and the holder bracket is 3 cm wide. It comes with original box. At the moment I do have not a VW Oval mirror to test the fitting, but it looks like that “the Hagus bracket is made to go under the VW Oval mirror bracket”. Because I did not test that, I do not know, so maybe you need to work a bit for fitting.
More Information
Manufacturer Hagus
Country of Origin Germany
Condition nos
Weight 0.2600