German first aid box 1969

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Superb German first aid tin box in near mint.
Superb German first aid box from about 1969 in very good condition. The original tin box is without dents and the condition of the paint is near mint. Inside are original old first aid supplies and equipment. It looks like, that inside are all the correct old items, but I did not count. Also in the box is a first aid instruction from 1955. At the tin box cover is written "Kleiner Einheits-Verbandskasten" which is German and means “small first aid box”. Inside is also a small “AGRIPPINA VERSICHERUNGEN 125 YEARS 1844-1969” folder. In the folder are plaster. AGRIPPINA is an insurance company and this first aid box was given to good customers who had the AGRIPPINA car insurance in 1969. The size 25 x 14 x 5 cm. A made in Germany accessory for Porsche, VW Beetle, T1 T2 Bus, Karmann Ghia and Type 3.
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Country of OriginGermany