Vintage 12V Bosch horns HO37 390 520 hz

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Used Bosch low tone and high tone horn set tested and working.
A set of two vintage Bosch horns with 390 hz and 520 hz in used condition. I tested both horns and they are working very well with high and low tone. They are for 12v and without dents. One contact at the rear side has a small problem as you can see at the pictures. The cable was soldered at the contact. The part number is not 100% clear, because the badge is a bit aged but it looks like part number 0320202007 (390 hz) and 0320202009 (520 hz). At the badge is also stamped "BOSCH IMPORTE D ALLEMAGNE", "B-02" and "HO 37". The diameter is 15 cm, the weight for both horns is 3000g and they are made in Germany.
More Information
Manufacturer Bosch
Country of Origin Germany
Condition used
Weight 3.0000