blue Bosch Eisemann RKLE 130 Beacon Lamp 6V

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Bosch Eisemann RKLE 130 flashing light beacon in used condition.
6 Volt Bosch Eisemann RKLE 130 light beacon lamp in used condition. I tested the lamp with 6 Volt and it is working. The blue lens is ok and stamped with “DIN, B1006”. The metal base is without dents. The chrome ring has dents near the mount screw (see image #2, #3, #4). The motor is stamped with "6V". Inside is a 12 Volt bulb mounted which should be replaced with a 6V bulb. The base diameter is 22,4 cm, the total height is 24,5 cm, the blue lens height is 13,5 cm, the blue lens diameter is 16 cm and the weight is 1650g. Bosch Eisemann RKL 130 made in Germany about 1959.
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Country of OriginGermany