Akkord pull out picnic radio VW Bug

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Akkord picnic radio with dashboard mounting unit with special VW Beetle molding.
Vintage Akkord pull out picnic radio for VW Bug in good condition. The radio is complete and with dashboard mounting unit. The chrome dash unit has the special VW Beetle molding at the side. All parts are in good condition, original and without damages. E.g. the Antenna is good, the picnic radio plastic is good and the radio knobs are all working. When you take the radio out of the car unit, then it works with batteries. Right now, there are working batteries inside. When you put the radio in the car, you switch to “AUTO” and then it works with 6V. It can be changed to 12V easy, but I will not do. The left button is for volume and on / off. The right button is for the channels. The three knobs are for MW, UKW and AUTO. Please note, you cannot connect your car antenna to the radio. It looks like that there was no option for that. Also do not expect a new radio. With old radios, it is harder to adjust senders and thinks like that. All is working and I think it is hard to get any better these days. The last pictures shows the AKKORD radio compared to the huge Blaupunkt Derby. The size of the picnic radio is 16,5 x 12 x 4,2 cm and it was made in Germany for VW Beetle 1958-1967. The face plate is 19,0 cm width (without the trim chrome ends). PLEASE NOTE: This face plate has 2 guide pins and a threaded mount on each side that extends about a 1/16th of an inch beyond the opening in the dash on each side at some VW Beetles. The radio and bracket is original made like that.
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Manufacturer Akkord
Country of Origin Germany
Condition used
Weight 2.7500