VW Oval Beetle Bosch Windshield Washer Kit NOS

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New old stock Bosch windshield washer bottle mount kit for VW Oval Beetle.

Bosch windshield washer mount kit in new old stock (nos) condition. I just opened the 1959 packaging. The set is complete. It comes with a great black bracket to mount a windshield washer water container holder like the SWF glass bottle holder as you can see on the images. Also included is an ivory VW Beetle switch with instructions, a washer nozzle, small bag with nuts/screws, cable, box and the 8/1959 instructions. The instruction shows how to mount the switch in VW Oval and Beetle 1958 up.

The black mount bracket is stamped with "BOSCH GERMANY, IMPORTE D ALLEMAGNE, WSBE 45Z 13Z". The switch has connector 53, 31, 31b, 53, 53a and the rear is stamped with "BOSCH GERMANY, SH/UZ 2/1". The box is stamped with "BOSCH GERMANY, IMPORTE D ALLEMAGNE, WSZU 12 Z 8 Z, 1 392 900 008". The packaging is stamped with "1 WSZU 12 Z8Z Zubehörsatz für Bosch Scheibenspüler am VW PKW, 1/1960".

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Country of OriginGermany