VW Fire Ambulance Bus Hella Blue Light KL 8/3 12V

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Blue Hella spinning alarm light with 12V 45W and running.
VW Fire Ambulance Bus Hella blue spinning alarm light lamp KL 8/3 with 12V. The Volkswagen fire department and ambulance light has a Hella sticker with the following information: KL 8/3, B1004, 12V, 45W, 7151, VW, Made in Germany. The lamp is working, the diameter is 22cm, the height is 30cm and the weight is 2350g. The spinning function and blue light is ok. The chrome ring has a dent opposite the side where the Hella sticker is and there is a dent near of the chrome ring mounting screw. So far nobody tried to remove the dents, possible a dent doctor can do. The housing of the lamp is ok. This is a rare made in Germany spinning blue lamp with genuine Volkswagen Bus house.
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Country of OriginGermany