VW Bug Deluxe Bumper Bosch Fanfare Mount NOS

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New old stock VW Bug Deluxe Bumper Bosch fanfare mount kit.

Rare Bosch fanfare horn mount kit for VW Beetle with US deluxe export bumper in new old stock (nos) condition. The set is complete. It comes with two Deluxe Beetle bumper brackets, 6V relay, mount bracket for the relay, switch, cable, small mount parts, 4/1963 instructions and aged box.

Both fanfare horn brackets are stamped with "Bosch, GERMANY, 1321332105". The relay is stamped with "BOSCH GERMANY, IMPORTE D ALLEMAGNE, SM/SE 16A2 6V". The switch is stamped with "Bosch". The small Bosch paper bag with mount parts is stamped with "BOSCH made in Germany, 6/1965". The paper box is aged and stamped with "Einbausatz für Fanfare am VW mit Rammstoßstange" (=VW Bug with US Bumper Fanfare Mount Kit).

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Country of OriginGermany