VW Beetle Saxomat Parts

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VW Beetle Saxomat Parts
Original VW Beetle Saxomat parts in used condition. The control valve is working and was tested in my Beetle and in case of problems with your Saxomat, I would recommend to keep this part as it at the beginning. It can be adjusted but in most cases you have other problems. The servo motor bracket was blasted and painted and is good. The servo motor stick goes to the gear box instead of the cable and is missing the round head. You need to put a new round head on it and in case of problems with the diameter, please get in touch and I will find out at my car. The small parts are complete and all you need to connect the servo motor to gear box. All parts are original and made in Germany. To get the system running, most important is to have air in the Saxomat system, e.g. tubes and servo motor must be ok. Good Luck.
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Manufacturer Volkswagen
Country of Origin Germany
Condition used
Weight 2.1200