Bosch SH / HEM 2/6 A3 emergency vehicles 6V Relay

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Rare 6 Volt Bosch SH / HEM 2 / 6 A3 Police and Fire department emergency relay.
Vintage 6V Bosch SH / HEM 2/6 A3 Relay for Police and Fire department emergency vehicles in good condition. Inside looks all untouched and there are three 6V Bosch relays. Attached to the old cable is also the part “Bosch Germany M/SE 6/2” installed which is an “Entstörer” (=suppressor) for a good signal. The size of the cover of the box is 19 x 13 cm and the total weight is 3100g. The switch on the last picture (not included) was connected to this Box. Inside on the cover of the the relay box is the old wire instruction. The box is stamped with “Bosch Germany Importe D Allemagne SH / HEM 2/6 A3, HO 37 B-02 DIN, 6V”. Made in Germany.
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Country of OriginGermany