The VW Beetles made in the 50ies to 60ies came without a tow hook.

Here you see some vintage accessories Made in Germany tow hooks for the front and rear.

The first picture shows the rare Perohaus front tow hook for the Volkswagen front axle and other usefully vintage breakdown towing accessories for VW bug.

Below pics of made in Germany tow hooks for the VW Bug front and rear.

Perohaus VW Bug tow hook mounting instruction. I think it is easy to mount :-)
since 50 years in the box, the heavy front tow hook
Where we will dock the tow rope?
Long story short - get the Perohaus tow hook!
...and go :-)
original Perohaus tow hook folder
VW Beetle Karmann 1200 1300 1500 DBGM Front Tow Hook for the front axle
The DBGM Front Tow Hook is still in the original packaging.
VW DBGM Front Tow Hook mounting instruction.
Vintage german "will be towed" sign. This should be mounted on the rear window of the Volkswagen with the breakdown.
This is the other side of the "will be towed" sign. I do not understand...
A great 1966 Volkswagen Bug is on the "will be towed" sign.
Perlon tow rope. Made in Germany about 50 years ago.
On the picture you see how the Perlon tow rope is mounted on a VW Oval bug 1953 without the Perohaus rear tow hook. The tow rope is just wound around the bumper.
The Perlon tow rope mounting instruction recommends to protect the rope from the sharp Volkswagen bumper edges! I think it is better to have a Perohaus tow hook :-)
Here you see all vintage Volkswagen tow hooks. The page is scanned from a 1965 german automobile accessories catalog.
Volkswagen made a bumper bracket with attached tow hook for VW bug.
Vintage Perlon tow ropes scanned from a german automobile accessories catalog. The advertising shooting star was a VW split.
Vintage Perlon tow rope mounted on the front bumper of a Volkswagen bug.