Hello VW Fans.

I have a 1965 ruby red 34hp VW 1200A Standard Beetle which I bought from the widow of the first owner in 1991. It had only 40.000 kilometers run and also the complete history was included in the price of DM 1800,-.

Interesting is, that the first owner was pensioner when he ordered the car. He ordered the 1200A with Saxomat automatic. The Saxomat takes the function of the clutch pedal.

After he had the car, the Volkswagen dealer installed a turn signal switch with headlight high beam function of the 1965 T1 Bus. The factory installed foot headlight high beam switch was removed.

I guess, the high beam switch was changed and the Saxomat ordered, because the first owner had problems with his left leg.

Below you see scans of the order, order confirmation, invoice, registration and a bit of history of my VW 1200A Standard Beetle.

1965-10-18: Volkswagen 1200 A Order, Extras Saxomat and Leatherette seats
1965-10-19: VW 1200A Order confirmation
1965-11-02: Letter from the Volkswagen Dealer to the new VW Owner regarding TEROSON under floor protection
1965-11-06: VW 1200A rubin invoice. Total was 4894,50 DM (about 2500 EUR) including Saxomat, leatherette seats, transfer, registration paper, number plates and registration.
Registration of my VW 1200A.
My 1965 VW 1200A as I got it 12/1991.
My 1965 VW 1200 A in 01/1992. It took only 4 weeks from ruby red to black. I installed made in Taiwan chrome bumpers, chrome hub caps, shiny running boards, chrome horn grills and a chrome mirror. Fortunate I saved all original parts till today.
My 1965 VW 1200A Standard Beetle with 34hp in black 2008. In 2000, after about 10 years and 100.000 kilometers fun, I parked my beetle in the garage. Some years later I bought a second 1965 VW 1200 A in ruby red with 30hp.